Good beginnings.

Happiest of happy news to inaugurate this new blog with. My dear rumpled old dog, who has spent the entire past year in and out of hospital, most recently for major stomach surgery which lead to a diagnosis of stomach cancer, has finally gained 1.2lbs! He was 69lbs in May of last year, and reached a low point of 45lbs just before the surgery. As of yesterday afternoon, he was back up to 46.2. Who would have thunk it? We were so sure he wouldn’t make it through the winter.

But here he is, soaking up some very welcome sunshine and proving he’s a lot tougher than he looks.

golden boy

Good on ya, Charlie boy.

I should find a widget to let me track his weight -let’s hope this is not an accident.

To celebrate this rather wonderful news, we went for a proper walk this morning. I’ve been minimizing his energy output as much as possible, but I think we can afford to burn a few calories. I know the other dog and I could both do with a bit more vim and vigour to our mornings.

Meanwhile, George the one-eyed bandit seems so done in by his morning romp that he’s forgotten what species he belongs to.

i can haz big bedPerhaps he’s just letting me know it’s time to replace that grotty old cover with something a little nicer to look at, and a little less discriminatory. Cats need beds too.

Sounds like a project for the rainy weekend we have coming up. I’ll get right on that, George.


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