3. Weekend Tally

Besides raccoon-wrangling, it was a fairly uneventful, but mostly satisfying sort of weekend.

I got masses of cleaning done on Saturday, turning the utter shambles of this:

and this:

Into the comparatively tidy and presentable:

And this:

in time for my landlords to show the flat to a prospective tenant. I haven’t asked yet whether they decided to take the place, I hope they have since it would mean I could start looking for our next home.

In addition to getting to getting the house in order (and, oh, how lovely to wake up on Sunday morning to a clean, tidy home), I scored some awesome finds at the charity shop. I’ve been finding lots of cashmere sweaters in great condition lately – I added a pretty blue cardigan this weekend. But I also found a colourful rag rug the perfect size for my living room, a sewing machine that can actually do more than one stitch, a wooden boot pull (perfect, since we’re in the middle of gum boot season), and a king size pillow sham that I was able to turn into a new cover for Charlie’s bed (just had to rip out the ornamental baffle)

Much nicer than the scuzy gold cover it had before.

I also managed to get in a couple hours of work on the i-cord bowl I started knitting a few weeks back. I sewed the first 20 or so turns down, so the shape of the bowl is clear – it’s going to come out very nicely I think. I’ll take some pictures when we next have a sunny day.


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