8. Hooray for May

It’s still cold enough this morning to be cuddled under two duvets with my hands wrapped around my coffee mug, but the sun is shining, the birds are singing and I’m feeling a busy, accomplishy weekend coming on.


photo by Liz HenryPhoto by Liz Henry

My to do list isn’t quite as fun as this one, but it still feels good to start the weekend with a plan:

  • bake sticky buns
  • get more seeds started
  • finish cleaning up back deck
  • return library books (and get others)
  • add lace inset to black dress
  • make planters
  • vacuum
  • repair window screen
  • find bobbin holder insert for sewing machine
  • take pictures for photo project
  • laundry
  • finish grading summary reports
  • make chicken stock
  • figure out fabric for library bag project
  • make delicate wash bag prototype
  • clear out at least 8GBs of hard drive space
  • Mile End Jane’s Walk, Sunday @ 2pm

That should keep me busy. We’ll check back in on Sunday evening to see what I’ve actually managed to get done.

Happy 1st weekend in May to everyone.


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