fresh start

The weekend was mostly rainy and cold, but fun and productive fall the same. Saturday morning, I spent several happy hours making the tour of some of the North Shore nurseries with my upstairs neighbours, to stock up on flowers, herbs and lettuces for our respective balcony gardens. I resisted the impulse to replace my long lost hibiscus plants (casualties of the ice storm – I am still bitter about it more than a decade later) with these gorgeous ones.
And I also managed to resist the lure of this stunning hanging basket.

Although we all did our best not to go overboard, we came home with the car filled to overflowing with lovely colourful growing things (best smelling car trip ever). We bought several pretty hanging baskets and a mix of annuals and perennials for the shared front areas.

The basket of strawberries hanging in the foreground is all mine, and is already hanging on my back balcony. I also got sweet peas and pansies (two of my favourite spring flowers), a maché mix, and a good selection of herbs.

I didn’t get anything planted yesterday – it was too cold to make the thought of sticking my hands in the dirt at all pleasant. But the cold weather did make it a good day for puttering around indoors washing dishes and working on my drawstring produce bags.

produce bags

They need some cheerful embroidery or appliques to make them more fun, but at least I’ve figured out how to sew the netting without too much gathering. The idea for these comes from Wendy at Wisdom of the Moon. Of course, since I’m a stubborn fool, I didn’t follow any of her excellent directions and instead spent several hours ‘experimenting’ with the best way to create the channel for the draw strings. But I’ve got the technique down now, so it just remains to make a dozen or so for the friends I’ve promised them to.

But in the meantime, it’s Monday morning, and my office is calling to me:

My home office, complete with my two helpful assistants

My home office, complete with my two helpful assistants



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2 responses to “fresh start

  1. apalaisy

    The produce bags: what a great idea!

    Is that cork on your laptop?

    Looks like your weekend was much more productive than mine – I had big plans, but ended up getting sucked into a book for most of it.

    • Yes, it’s cork. Buying a white laptop was never a good idea – it gets so smudged and grotty. I found the cork shelf paper at the hardware store. It’s started coming off around the edges, but it’s still better than the white.

      The produce bags are a brilliant idea. And thrifty too. I got the curtain I’m making mine from for about $2 at the Goodwill, and I’ll get at least 20 bags from it. Meanwhile the Food Co-op in Westmount is selling some for $9-$12 each!!! Talk about a mark-up. Even at my rate of sewing, they only take 20 minutes to make.

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