this little piggy

I am completely in love with this needle felted boar by Victor Dubrovsky.

old boar needle felted from wool

old boar needle felted from wool

More shots of this fellow, as well as oodles of other wonderful pigs, dogs, cows, sheep and birds can be seen here. Thanks to craftzine for sharing. I like the owlet almost as much as the grizzled old boar. The eyes on both critters are just wonderful.

Have I mentioned that it’s my birthday tomorrow? ::hint,hint::



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4 responses to “this little piggy

  1. Susan

    Happy Birthday, enjoy the day to its fullest.

    I always feel I should celebrate too, because, as Grandma Madsen said- its the mom’s how do the work that culminates in a birthday so we should celebrate too!

    tonight I am going to the school production of Joseph and the Amazing Dreamcoat. Yes school productions count as a cultured event here.

  2. Rachel

    Happy birthday!

    Also, that owl must come live with us!!! *follows link* but err, not at 100 bucks. They’re gorgeous though.

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