make a joyful noise

A few of the things currently making me very happy indeed:

  • The peonies are out! my number one favourite flower ever, growing just below my bedroom window. Bliss.

  • My snazzy new folding bike. I couldnt resist this one when I saw the craigslisting. Too cute. I just love the bright red seat. I’ve decided to call her Lolly (as in pop).
  • Impromptu weekend at a cottage by a lake. How lovely to get out of the city and spend time with some delightful people. The dogs were in heaven.
  • Stella and Charlie rest before dinner

    Stella and Charlie rest before dinner

Other, even more exciting things are promising to come soon, but these are quite enough to be going along with. I hope summer is bringing wonderful things to you too.



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4 responses to “make a joyful noise

  1. Angela

    Cute bike! Interesting that you refer to her as a ‘her’ – most of the people I know who assign their bikes a gender are guys (and refer to them as ‘her’), and I’ve always thought of mine as ‘him’ (even the dusty rose one), so I assumed it was an opposite gender thing. But maybe not. Are bikes like boats, and supposed to be female? (Even if so, I don’t care, mine are definitely male.)

    And that cottage looks *so* nice – the wood floors, big windows and all the surrounding greenery – lovely.

  2. Hmm, I don’t know if there is a principle to it. This bike is definitely a her, and my other vintage red bike (the one in my header) is Eloise, but my mountain bike doesn’t have enough personality to have a gender and I’m sure I’ve had bikes that I thought of as male before. Growing up my family’s cars all had girl’s names.

    The cottage was wonderful, pretty much exactly what I’d build for myself if I had the chance.

  3. Rachel

    ZOMG I love your bike! Wot a cutie! x

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