waffling my way along

I loathe travel planning. Not all of it, of course. The initial ‘ooh, I get to go to …’ is lovely, and it’s always fun to look up my destination on google earth, look up local weather conditions to start thinking about what to wear, start learning some basic vocabulary in the local language, etc. It’s all very exciting and romantic and makes a great distraction from whatever I’m supposed to be doing instead.

left luggage by flickr user paul_likes_pics

left luggage by flickr user paul_likes_pics

The part I hate is when I have to stop just thinking about it and playing around with various options and actually commit to buying tickets and booking accommodations. If I could possibly get away with walking into the airport with my luggage and buying the ticket at the counter then and there, I would. Having to buy ticket weeks and weeks in advance just feels so wrong and confining and frustrating. The upshot is that I often pay more than I should have for a ticket due to leaving it too late.

So I am very proud to say that I bought my ticket today for a trip that starts on July 22nd. That’s nearly a whole month away. That’s probably the longest in advance of a trip I have ever bought my ticket. I’m already starting to worry that maybe I should have waited a few more days, because what if I change my mind or need to do x or y or…

But the change fee is pretty high, so I am just going to have to make everything else work around it. I’m flying to Paris on July 22nd and coming home on August 13th. I still have to buy all the plane and train tickets that will get me from Paris to Dusseldorf to Osnabrueck to Berlin to Poznan, then two weeks later back to Berlin then on to Nijmegen, and back to Paris via Dusseldorf, but just having settled the transatlantic bit is a huge step for me. I feel almost like a responsible adult. 🙂

Of course I have barely thought about preparing my talks and lectures when I get there, but there’s still *lots* of time for that…


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  1. Rachel

    Wow, that is some serious Euro-interchange! Sounds a bit like part of a Hercule Poirot mystery….

    Loving the Nijmegen part 😀 Let us know the exact dates so I can put it in our calendar xo

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