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impromptu morning hike

With the sun rising a little after 5am these days, I’m generally awake and walking the dogs by 6am. It’s lovely to be up and out while the neighbourhood is still quite quiet and the temperature and humidity are still low. I don’t go out to the office that often in the summer, but when I do, it’s nicest to do it first thing in the morning, so I can be done my workday by 1 or 2pm.Β 

So this morning I set off at 7:12, well-breakfasted, happy with my outfit for the day, and generally feeling pretty pleased with myself for being in transit so early. As I went to get on the bus, I suddenly remembered it was now July and I would need a new transit pass for the month. The driver was in a good mood, so he waved me through. Fair enough, I’d be able to get my new pass at the subway where I transfer to my second bus, so I got on board.

About 18 minutes later, we pulled into Vendome, I got off, and headed down into the metro to queue up for the automatic guichet. Continue reading



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