things worth celebrating

  1. Glorious, unseasonably warm, sunny, Sundays! This is now the third week in a row that after a cold and damp Saturday we’ve got a Sunday warm enough to throw the windows open!
  2. Every time I think ‘that was the last warm day we’ll have until spring’, I’m proven wrong.

  3. Purple as a Fall colour. I’m used to the occasional purple ornamental cabbage, but I’ve never been anywhere with so many bright flowers blooming purple long after all the other flowers have died.
  4. New knitting projects. Whether it’s half an hour on the bus to and from work, or 50 minutes watching something on Hulu, I’m getting a lot of time to knit these days. I’m starting with a couple neckwarmers to get back into things, but I’m hoping to work my way up to more ambitious projects.
  5. Fall fruit. Apples and pomegranates especially. Almost as gorgeous to just look at as to eat.

  6. I’ve been baking pear-apple crisps and cranberry-apple pies and honey-apple cakes, and making apple sauce and drinking apple cider (alcoholic and non) and eating piles and piles of apples (much to the delight of Charlie, who loves to eat the cores). This gorgeous fruit crumble recipe, from Everybody Likes Sandwiches is, as promised The Best Crumble Ever. The toppping is just as wonderful on fall fruit as spring.

So what’s putting a spring in your step, even as we wind our way towards winter?



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4 responses to “things worth celebrating

  1. Rachel

    Oh my gosh, that pic of the fruit is putting a spring in my step! Lookit how pretty it is 😀

  2. apalaisy

    I saw the photos in flickr last night, and hoped a post was coming…

    I love those cheerful purple flowers. I’ve noticed a couple things still blooming around here, but the flowers tend to be tiny and rather subtle, nothing like that.

    • Aren’t they great? I love these kind of strange little ecological niche things – for some reason the rolling hills of western MA seem to be particularly good for late season purple flowers.

      I’m finally making my way through the pile of photos I took between July 2 and mid October (when I found my camera usb cord). I will eventually have a photo for tag again. 🙂

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