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let’s try that again

Somehow I’ve let more than 3 months elapse since last posting here. Ooops. Suddenly getting a job in another country, packing up everything I own, including 4 animals in varying states of health, finding a place to live, moving, etc, etc are all perfectly good excuses (especially as it took me 2 weeks to get an internet connection sorted at home and I only recently found my camera usb cord for transferring photos). But it’s still rather unfortunate. The first month or two on a new place is precisely the time that’s most interesting to document.

At this point it would make no sense to try to revisit all the impressions of those first days and weeks. But I can still note a few.

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this little piggy

I am completely in love with this needle felted boar by Victor Dubrovsky.

old boar needle felted from wool

old boar needle felted from wool

More shots of this fellow, as well as oodles of other wonderful pigs, dogs, cows, sheep and birds can be seen here. Thanks to craftzine for sharing. I like the owlet almost as much as the grizzled old boar. The eyes on both critters are just wonderful.

Have I mentioned that it’s my birthday tomorrow? ::hint,hint::


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a new neighbour?



I just stepped out onto the back porch to put a bag of trash out, and found myself face to face with a raccoon. I know this is normal for Toronto, but I’ve never so much as seen one in Montreal before, let alone on my second story back porch. I called Dixie to come bark at it, figuring once the coon knew a dog lived in the house, he’d give us a miss. But the dingbat’s eye sight is getting so bad she couldn’t see it, and the raccoon wasn’t remotely fazed by her presence. I grabbed a broom and made menacing gestures with it and drove it back down the stairs, but now I wish I hadn’t.Β  The cats were already in for the night, and there really wasn’t any other harm he could have done. I wonder if we’ll see him again…

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