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things worth celebrating

  1. Glorious, unseasonably warm, sunny, Sundays! This is now the third week in a row that after a cold and damp Saturday we’ve got a Sunday warm enough to throw the windows open!
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make a joyful noise

A few of the things currently making me very happy indeed:

  • The peonies are out! my number one favourite flower ever, growing just below my bedroom window. Bliss.
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  • My snazzy new folding bike. I couldnt resist this one when I saw the craigslisting. Too cute. I just love the bright red seat. I’ve decided to call her Lolly (as in pop).
  • Impromptu weekend at a cottage by a lake. How lovely to get out of the city and spend time with some delightful people. The dogs were in heaven.
  • Stella and Charlie rest before dinner

    Stella and Charlie rest before dinner

Other, even more exciting things are promising to come soon, but these are quite enough to be going along with. I hope summer is bringing wonderful things to you too.


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black gold

I spent a very happy hour or so this afternoon harvesting a winter’s worth of compost from my worm bin. I wound up with about 2 gallons for my troubles and also made the discovery that my worms really, really don’t care for sweet potato peels. I must have had about 5 potatoes worth of peels by the end. They’ve all been transfered to the conventional compost bin – hopefully the microbes won’t be so picky.

Now that I’ve got the worm bin compost harvested, it’s time to get serious about gardening. I’ve got various little sprouts growing from seed that need to be potted up, and tomorrow morning I’m heading to the nursery with my neighbours to indulge in some flats of annuals and the veggies I haven’t got started myself.

But for tonight, I’m happy just to sit here in the twilight, enjoying the scent of my next door neighbour’s lilac tree wafting past on the breeze.

Sweet dreams.

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